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The Best Gay App for People of Color and Those That Love Them is Here!

Dating for most of us is an important rite of passage. It is supposed to be an exciting and enjoyable time when you meet someone you like and explore the possibilities of a hookup or a lasting relationship. Unfortunately, dating for members of the LGBTQ community has always been challenging. Until recently, meeting in real life was hell for gay people due to constant persecution. Dating platforms were supposed to provide respite by facilitating private and secure interactions between single LGBTQ members.

Unfortunately, mainstream dating apps are not designed to meet the needs of the GBTQ community. There have been many cases where users have been abused or banned from these platforms for simply being themselves. It is for this reason that several GBTQ dating apps and websites have come up in recent years. Unfortunately, while these apps are meant to address the issue of gender inclusivity, they have introduced exclusion based on race.

White gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people generally have an easy time looking for hookups or relationships on dating apps and websites. They have a broad range of platforms to choose from where they can have an enjoyable experience without facing rejection and dehumanization. Their black, Asian, and Latino counterparts are not so lucky. When you are a person of color in the GBTQ community, it's hard not to feel like dating platforms were not designed for you.

Dating apps influence our dating decisions thanks to their strong power of suggestion. As such, people are more likely to have a successful interaction when an algorithm tells them they are compatible. Algorithms can, therefore, unintentionally introduce sexual racism. Dating platforms that view multiculturalism unfavorably encourages discriminatory preferences. This not only makes race a great source of anxiety for minorities on dating apps but also blocks people from connecting with partners they may have liked.

These GBTQ dating apps are unsafe for people of color by design. People of color regularly experience sexual racism on dating apps both in user bios and in their interactions with other users. While dating apps brush off accusations of facilitating racist practices on their platforms, victims suffer in silence. Their self-image and self-worth are impacted negatively when they are made to feel like their skin color makes them undesirable.

What is the best GBTQ dating app today? With so much discriminatory language on user-profiles and bigoted practices on dating apps, it is hard to imagine that there is a right dating app out there, especially for people of color. The good news is you only need to know where to look to find one. A good example is Rumpur. It is the best gay dating app for people of color and those that love them.

Rumpur was created to even the playing field for every gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer community member. Rumpur is the first dating app for GBTQ people of color and those who love them. Black, Latino and Asian men can form relationships, date, and love on Rumpur without safety and privacy concerns or the restraints of sexual racism.

Rumpur addresses the bigotry and sexual discrimination that GBTQ people of color endure on many dating apps. The app is unbiased and provides a safe environment where all GBTQ people are not limited in their ability to see and interact with people they might be attracted to despite their skin color. It operates in the creators of LGBTQ online dating platforms' true spirit to promote tolerance and create a community where its members can have private and secure experiences.

In addition to being an unbiased GBTQ dating platform, Rumpur is modern and cool thanks to a broad range of features that make interactions seamless despite the distance between users. These include a geo-locator function, video chat, incognito mode, and whistle function. The app prioritizes safety and security by doing away with programmed advertising and spambots common on similar apps. Due to the notoriety of algorithm use in knowingly or unknowingly promoting sexual racism under the guise of automating user preference, Rumpur puts the power to match in their user’s hands.

Are you tired of the sexual racism and discrimination in many GBTQ dating apps out there? Do not be discouraged. Try the Rumpur dating app and find your next gay partner here.

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