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Finding Your Next Gay Partner Here

Finding Your Next Gay Partner Here In this age of digital living, many people overwhelmingly use dating apps to find new partners. However, it is important to note that it is only recently that heterosexual relationships have dominated dating platforms. The LGBTQ community was very instrumental in pioneering virtual meetings to escape persecution in the days when they could not interact freely in physical spaces. Cases of bigotry and discrimination on GBTQ dating apps are, therefore, very unfortunate as they go against the very spirit that inspired the creation of online dating.

We do not live in a perfect society where skin color does not matter. There is a lot of racism in the world. The digital space, especially, is a breeding ground for growing extremism. Dating platforms have not been spared. Even on LGBTQ platforms where you'd expect a degree of tolerance given the long history of fighting against discrimination, sexual racism is rampant. Racial discrimination on dating platforms can therefore be primarily blamed on inherently racist users.

It is a reality that our desires are susceptible to social and political trends. Since we live in a world rife with racism, it is not surprising that it permeates our desires as well. Sexual racism on dating apps uses racial stereotypes to create racial divisions between groups of people. Exclusionary words like "No Asians" or "No Blacks" may be defended as expressions of sexual freedom. Still, the truth is that when they are used in a space meant to connect the LGBTQ community, they are exclusionary and dehumanizing.

However, dating platforms have reinforced such practices with the use of divisive algorithms, design features, and an unwillingness to moderate user content. GBTQ dating apps have long defended sexual racism on their platforms as preference. Many users who display racist remarks on their profiles claim that their racial desirability ideas are simply a matter of choice. This shows a more systemic issue of biases in our culture and how they disproportionately discriminate against minorities. In a society that is supposed to celebrate difference, preference cannot be used as an excuse by dating apps to ignore sexual racism on their platforms.

Following campaigns targeting sexual racism on dating platforms, several gay dating apps have removed ethnicity filters from their platforms. Such filters allowed users to filter out potential partners according to ethnicity labels such as "Black," "Asian," and "Latino." Such filters were defended as giving users a choice of preference, but they clearly perpetuated a culture of racism against people of color. Removing ethnicity filters from dating apps is a significant first step, but it is not enough to discourage sexual racism. These platforms have to set higher standards for their users by creating and enforcing anti-racist policies and community guidelines.

Several gay dating apps have made broad steps towards creating a more inclusive environment for their users to level the playing field for the people of color. A good example is Rumpur. Rumpur is the best gay dating app 2020 for many reasons. Key among them its mission to combat the bigotry and discrimination against people of color on GBTQ dating apps.

Rumpur is a GBTQ operated dating platform with the objective of fighting the discrimination and bigotry perpetrated on people of color on a majority of GBTQ dating apps. It accomplishes this by enforcing a no-tolerance policy of profiles with discriminatory messages or racial undertones. Instead of prejudiced bios and racist profiles, like-minded users on Rumpur share profile pictures and detailed bios that reveal every side of who they are without fear of persecution.

Gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people from all over the world use Rumpur to find relationships. By implementing a strong non-tolerant policy against profiles with discriminatory messages and racial undertones, the dating app allows like-minded people of the GBTQ to safely find love, friendships, and relationships without the restraints of sexual racism. On Rumpur, Black, Latino, and Asian men of color can avoid the rejection and dehumanization they endure on other dating apps.

Rumpur features several features that allow GBTQ people to interact flawlessly on the platform. These features prioritize security and safety. The power of selection is left entirely in the users' hands to allow people to have their preferences without the influence of algorithms. Key features on the Rumpur dating app include incognito mode and whistle function, video chat, and geo-locator function. Programmed advertising and spambots are excluded to improve user experience.

Are you tired of the sexual racism and discrimination in many GBTQ dating apps out there? Do not be discouraged. Try the Rumpur dating app and find your next gay partner here.

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