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Gay Dating App for iPhone and Android

RUMPUR is the Best Gay Dating App 2020! It’s also the First Gay Dating App for Black, Trans, Bi, Asian, Latino, Queer, and the people that love them!

Many men worldwide use RUMPUR, Gay Dating App to locate friends, hookups, dates, and or form relationships etc.

RUMPUR is an unbiased GBTQ owned and operated business, and we utilize the app that we’ve created.

We are proud to offer users a secure and private experience, a diverse and friendly community, with more capabilities than any other gay dating apps. We have created a welcoming environment for gay people of color.


Connect In all Types of Ways!

RUMPUR gives users all sorts of methods to find all kinds of connections: Chat with guys from the neighborhood or around the world. Browse anonymously just to view the sexy guys on our app!

Highlight Yourself

RUMPUR makes it easy to show every side of who you are!

Share the story of yourself along with several profile pics. Let guys understand what you are into with detailed profiles bios such as safe-sex practices and sexual preferences.

RUMPUR puts the power in our user’s hands so that they can control their profiles with our easy to use settings feature.

A Smarter Safer Experience

  • RUMPUR prioritizes our users' security and safety
  • No spam bots, absolutely no programmed advertising
  • 24/7 support from our Rumpur team assistance who are on standby to assist you with any issues.
  • We never share your data with any 3rd party ad networks or data aggregators.
  • Unlike other apps, photos, message history are synced across the devices of yours and never get lost.


Our mission is combating the racism, bigotry and discrimination people of color face within the GBTQ community on a vast majority of gay dating apps.

Why choose Rumpur?

Rumpur needs you to know that you're loved and valued. You're much more than prejudice ideas, and we hope you find a community of like minded people by using our app.

Best Gay Dating App 2020

  • Say farewell to those apps that facilitate prejudice bios and sign up for Rumpur instead.
  • Amongst many other cool features Rumpur offers video chat, a geo-locator function, an incognito mode and whistle function if you’re feeling shy.
  • Users can meet up virtually regardless of distance, which could also reduce cat fishing.
  • Meet individuals globally and locally

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Contact Us- admindirect@rumpur.com